Opening this week: 7 – 13 December 2015

12304304_918509108244171_5432917337298950599_oTactic CorkSample Studios Annual Members’ Show10 December 2015 – 16 January 2016

Preview: Thursday 10 December, 7pm

An annual showcase of Sample-Studios members, this year’s Annual Members’ Show features works by artists Claire Lee, Pádraig Spillane, Shay Quinn and Peadar Lamb.

Curated by Aoife Power and Niamh Cooney, recipients of TACTIC’s Graduate Curatorial Award, the works range from painting to drawing, and photography.

Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday 12 – 3pm

photo-2-1Alliance Francaise de CorkInprints – Hazel Ramsey – 10 December – 30 January 2016

Hazel Ramsay combines the use of contemporary and traditional media, such as digital photography and embroidery, to explore how political activist and 19th century designer William Morris used the past as an approach to create a utopian vision of society through arts and crafts.

His works are primarily based on Gothic design. He uses schematized representations of nature in summer time, with flowers blooming and fruits in abundance, with no reference to human labour.

This idealistic view of the time could not be any further from the truth, where the exploitation of labour for profit was more strenuous and global than ever before.

Hazel deliberately uses excessive pattern to draw attention to the otherwise obscured repercussions of the new manufacturing processes after the industrial revolution.

She does this to express the gulf that exists between Morris’s ideals and the dark implications of production that exist in modern society

12304508_1683592871876116_47097948026023901_oLewis Glucksman Gallery – Glucksman Futures – Friday 11 December 6 – 8pm

Glucksman futures is a project introducing PhD candidates from across UCC departments to ideas of curating in the public realm. This 10-week series of workshops, lectures and discussions culminates in a public programme of curated events, designed by futures participants and in response to our current exhibition Everything Must Go: Art and the Market.

The final presentations consist of two events, taking place in the Glucksman from 6pm on Friday December 11.

The Value of Everything… examines the way in which value is created. Through interventions into the exhibition Everything Must Go: Art and the Market, we ask what happens when we think about the gallery as a system that helps to influence opinions on artworks, and how people respond. We invite members of the public to join us in this experiment, asking them to take an audio tour of the works on display, to examine the outer spaces of the gallery, to see the building in intricate detail, to give us their judgment.

How do we ascribe value to art? Do we value art purely because of how it can illuminate and enrich our inner lives, or does rarity, fame, desire and acquisitiveness come into the equation? mARkeT presents an opportunity to discuss these ideas in an informal setting with a group of experts. Take a seat for a chat with a prominent patron of the arts, a private collector, a gallerist, an economist, and a working artist, all of whom have been selected because of their insider knowledge and the different perspectives they can offer into the tangled subject of art and value.

mARkeT is:

Siobhan Browne (Folklore / Ethnology & History)

Larkin Cunningham (Digital Humanities) @LarkinDC

Pedro Fernàndez (Catalan Studies & Digital Humanites) @pfdorado

Jessica Jones (Philosophy & Digital Humanities) @LoJo2013

Isabelle Jouinot (French & Applied Linguistics) @isabellejouinot

Sarah Kelleher (Art History)

Nicholas O’Riordan (English/Irish Film Studies) @nicholasor

Free, all welcome



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