Opening this week: 26 October – 1 November

gesturesAlliance Francaise de Cork – Alan Carey – Gestures

29th October – 27th November 2015

This exhibition focuses on individual flowers given with the intent of conveying a message. Although the specific message may be forgotten, each flower is saved and serves a reminder of the kindness of the thought. Often just a throw away gesture, they are not expected to last. However, when not forgotten or thrown away, the gesture becomes the embodiment of good vibes. Alan Carey is an emerging artist born in Leitrim, Ireland.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday  9.30am-5.30pm

breakthroughCork Printmakers – Aurora ’15opens Thursday 29th October at 6pm

29 October – 20 November 2015

An exhibition introducing the work of 6 artists who received our 2015 Emerging Artist Bursary Awards: Lynn Marie Dennehy, Dearbhla Coffey, Kate O’ Shea, Shona Slemon, Emma Galvin & Katie O’ Regan.

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday, 9.30am – 5.30pm

12187895_1059719904068806_7763005340382622274_nCIT Wandesford Quay Gallery – Trouvaille (n.) something lovely discovered by chance

29 – 31 October 2015

An exhibition by CIT CCAD Fine Art, Contemporary Applied Art and Visual Communications students. This is a work in progress exhibition and showcases work begun in the first five weeks of semester one. Part of the Good Start initiative at CIT.

Opening Hours: Wednesday – Saturday 10am – 4pm



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