Opening this week: 5 – 11 October 2015

image001 (1)CIT Development Bursary Exhibition 2015, MATERIAL NARRATIVES, by David Mathúna, Kevin O Shea  and Helen Stringer opens on Wednesday 7th October at 7pm, in the James Barry Exhibition Centre, D-Block, CIT Bishopstown Campus.

Though using very different media and contrasting working methods, the artists share an interest in exploring the narrative possibilities of materials and the effect of context on instinctive interpretation. In some works, a narrative is suggested but only partially. In others, clues to interpretation are deliberately absent – leaving room for our pre-conceived readings to surface. The exhibition brings together a collection of objects and imagery, and asks many questions, but the underlying questions may be more about how we embed and transmit meaning in materials and objects than about what those produced objects are.

These three graduates of CIT Crawford College of Art & Design were awarded CIT Development Bursaries in June 2014. The recipients make a presentation to students during the following academic year, showing how they are using the bursary. An exhibition can also be offered, supported by CIT Arts Office, as an opportunity to show new work influenced by or made through the research and development activities.

The exhibition will run until 23 October, 10am – 5pm Monday – Friday.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 12.02.37A tribute showcasing the works of special guest Willie Harrington at Henchy’s Bar, St Luke’s Cross, Cork.

This exhibition is in aid of Anita’s Orphanage Cambodia, it opens at 8pm Thursday 8th October 2015 and the exhibition runs until  7 November.

Exhibiting artists also include Cormac Boydell, Tom Climent, Ger Des, Maurice Desmond, Deborah Healy, Lee Lucey, Ricky Lynch, Leo McCann, Nigel Overton and many more.

cameo jpg smallCameo by Jenny Monk opens at 2020 Art Gallery on Saturday 10 October at 3pm.

Intriguing works capture lively moments from the 1950s in fabric, photography and thread. Gilt antique frames transcend time and reflect a bygone era. Theatrical scenes and romantic vistas from Paris, Andalucía and Prague are intricately depicted throughout the collection. The mood and style of Cameo is created using visual clues from the boudoir, the salon and the living room evoking a sense of nostalgia for the viewer.

The exhibition runs until 10th November 2015.


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