Opening this week: 13 – 19 July

Cork Photo Festival continues their extensive line up of exhibitions this week with group shows and performances at CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery, Cork Community Print Shop and UCC Boole Library. TACTIC brings us new paintings by Paddy D’arcy on Thursday.


Roseanne Lynch, Untilted [Folded photogram] silver gelatin fibre based print

This is not my voice speaking opens at CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery on Tuesday 14 July at 6pm, with featured artists Jenny Brady, Dorje de Burgh, Jason Dunne, Roseanne Lynch, Pádraig Spillane, and Sarah Kelleher, writer and curator. The exhibition runs from July 15 –August 1.

Opening speakers on the night are the new Head of CIT Crawford College of Art and Design, Catherine Fehily  and Ángel Luis González Fernández, PhotoIreland Founder and Director.

The work in this exhibition reflects the diversity of contemporary practice involving lens-based processes. These five artists use photography as a tool, or as a means to an end, with the selected works appealing as much to the tactility of surface textures and spatial presence as they do to the optical.

11264913_1606661472906816_1480103939606614010_nUCC Boole Library hosts Angel Luis Gonzalez’s The Library Project bringing to Cork a selection from their collection of photo books, with a special focus on local produce and award winning publications. You can see it on July 14th, 15th and 16th from 08.30am – 16.45pm.

The Library Project is a collection of contemporary publications around Photography, the core of a public resource library already holding over 1000 items from 200 publishers worldwide, a wealth of publications unseen in Ireland.

11705676_853392601422489_4250088712063011459_o (1)Hijacked Synapse, an exhibition of new work by Paddy D’Arcy and curated by Emily O’Flynn opens on Thursday 16 July at TACTIC, 3rd Floor Sample-Studios.

Paddy D’Arcy’s work seeks to convey subjective moments of heightened perception, degrees of alternate cognitive experience and encounters with the metaphysical and unknown. Utilizing skills from both traditional and contemporary eras, and merging them with aspects of street art, his paintings are created through a morphing of acrylics, aerosols and oils. He juxtaposes figurative and organic forms in landscapes and spaces that resemble reality closely but where spatial relationships and patterns take on new, enhanced dimensions and heightened forms. He aims to convey the figures intrigue, and express a balance between unease and overwhelming joy.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 15.56.13
Shell a collaborative exhibition opens on Thursday 16th July from 8pm at Cork Community Print Shop. Presented by Exile, the exhibition features photographs and video projection by Helio Leon and structural installations from Blik and Tadhg Slevin, with soundtrack by Erinome.

The opening night presents a drone, chanting and spoken word performance by Sea of Okhotsk at 9pm. Sea of Okhotsk are; James O’Gorman – Drone, James Fortune – Drone, Ger Barry – Drone and Chanting, Helio León – Chanting and visuals.

The exhibition runs from Saturday 11th of July until Sunday 2nd of August, open weekends from 1 to 6pm.


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