We Do Not Leave Pyramids

ccad-CopyAnticipation has been building since the title of the 2015 edition was first announced in January as We Do Not Leave Pyramids, derived from Rem Koolhaas’ 2002 essay Junkspace, “which discusses implications of the architectural residue of human debris which jumbles our contemporary world.”

We do not live in times where we can artistically create in unadulterated spaces. We are unlike the Egyptians who came before us. Unlike the unpolluted range of their vast deserts, we will not leave pyramids; monolith structures which stands as testimonies to their clean vision.


The guest speaker on the opening night, artist Lee Welch echoed this sentiment with his punchy yet eloquent speech, saying: “As an artist, I feel that we must try many things – but above all, we must dare to fail. You must have the courage to be bad – to be willing to risk everything to really express it all.”

And indeed the graduates tried many things each student was not afraid to go in their own direction, they committed to their concept which allowed each artist to stand out in their own way. The results? Impression and impact lingered, ensuring a definite return for a second viewing.

applied_artHere are my top picks from the degree show. As a painter I always look forward to catching a glimpse of the new in painting emerging from the degree shows and this one did not disappoint.

cillian_2 cillian_3In Cillian Moynihan’s paintings everything has the possibility of being appropriate.

claire_lee-1 claire_leeClaire Lee’s paintings take images of amorphous architectural structures and spaces and imbues them with a celestial quality. 

lynn_marieLynn Marie Dennehy’s concrete sculptural forms convert the surrounding space from the abstract into the “concrete”.

rachel_doolinRachel Doolin’s ethereal other worldly installations explore the hierarchical perceptions of the human/nature relationship and the resonating impact this has on the earth.

luke_murphyLuke Murphy’s woodcuts communicate the artistic process, his practice is heavily shaped by printmaking processes and the engagement an artist holds to the work that they create.

derbhla_coffey_2 derbhlaDearbhla Coffey was a recipient of two awards for her degree show. Her detailed prints and sound art are a reflection on Biocentrism, a theory that proposes that life and consciousness are fundamental to the universe. She examines the idea of different universes existing and the migration of features of one’s consciousness in to these universes.

claire_okeefe2 claire_okeefeClaire O’Keefe’s playful collages provoke an intriguing visual confusion between two and three dimensional space whilst exploiting the physical beauty of the retro image.

andrew_whitelawAmong the extremely high standard of Contemporary Applied Art graduate work Andrew Whitelaw’s ceramic vessels stood out the most. His ideas spring from a complex blending of the abstract to the familiar, evident in both the functional ware and sculptural that was on display. The objects in the colour, shape and materiality, reference the ideas of restraint, containment and minimalism.

The Crawford Degree Show runs until 20 June 2015


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