Open House Cork | 10-12 April 2015

This weekend sees the first Open House Cork design festival take place across the city. The festival has proven extremely popular in major cites around the world, celebrating the unique architectural features each place has to offer.

In Open House Cork you have the chance for an exclusive look into private buildings and gain further insight into more familiar spaces by means of a guided tour.

150793_1583623341885825_60386421098265120_nThe launch of the festival takes place Friday 10th of April at 5:30 in Cork Vision Centre.

Victoria Thornton founder of the Open House Worldwide Movement will open the festival. There will be a series of talks by prominent architects followed by a discussion on practicing architecture in the city.

Some of the highlights include:


Lifetime Lab, Old Cork Waterworks, Lee Road: Saturday 13:00-16:00

The Lifetime Lab includes a museum in the former steam plant house, a science teaching facility for schools and a ‘sustainable lifestyles’ themed visitor centre highlighting the importance of public utility buildings in our city.


Narrow House, 20 Red Abbey Street: Sunday 13:00-17:00

It is described by locals as ‘the narrowest house in Cork’. The house was probably built in the late 18th Century, it was refurbished in 2010 to include a new roof, a ground floor slab, new doors and windows, insulation and lime plaster as appropriate. The design aimed to respond to the unique challenges of the house – 2.6 metres at its widest, a small 45m² spread over three floors and a dark ground floor – while making the most of its original qualities and surviving features.
Please note: due to the size of the house, tours will be restricted to 4 people at one time.
This tour is not suitable for children under 10 years.
No high heels are permitted.

For more information on Open House Cork see here


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